Purpose of This Project

There are messages to Posterity (all of us living today) from the foremost creative genius of the Western Intellectual tradition.

Sir Francis Bacon (1561 – 1626) disclosed in his writings that he had invented six different encryption methods for concealing private text within plain, open public text.

This concealment technique is called Steganography.

Bacon’s outer public text was the words of his books, authored (necessarily) under a plethora of pen names.

Like a message in a bottle from four hundred years ago…

One of the goals of Sir Francis was to reveal to the world some of the terrible, suppressed secrets of the era in which he lived, the end of the Tudor Dynasty.

He was an in-person witness to some of these hideously scandalous events. Revealing any of these during his lifetime would have cost him his life.

The two most significant of the six crypto methods were re-discovered by Americans near the turn of the twentieth century.

“The cipher may, perchance, remain in hiding until a future people, furnished with wits keener than those of our own times, open this heavily barred entranceway, and enter the house of treasure.”

Hint: Bacon was a master cryptographer, and invented the Binary Code (the basis for our current Digital World) when he was about 17 years old.

Yet a question, very germane to this Project, but rarely asked, is, Why did Bacon invent the Binary Code in the first place? So that we ‘children of a future age’ might enjoy the pleasures of programmable microwave ovens? No.

In his writings, he explicitly states his purpose in inventing the Binary Code: his new inventions in Steganography.

While many of his secret writings have already been decoded, and have been published to the world, there has been stubborn denial of their validity for more than four hundred years.

Which brings into focus the reason-to-be for this project:

The New Gorhambury Project

Purpose: To use technology in a novel way to expose the secret writings of Sir Francis to the world, presenting visualizations in such a way as to eliminate any possible doubt about Validity.

This website will show the results of what will be a multi-year initiative to gather needed source materials, develop technology, and make presentation to the World.

The project is named in honor of Francis Bacon’s beloved country home, Gorhambury, which exists today in ruins.

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The Tudor Rose

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