Tune In Psychically

Here is a variety of visualization aides to psychically tune-in to Old Gorhambury, and by extension, FB.

Sir Francis Bacon, First Viscount St Alban

18th Century water-colour photograph of Old Gorhambury House
Artist’s Reconstruction

Soliloquy to a Decipherer

Chapter Ten of M.B.G’s book consists of cherry-picked snippets from E.W.G’s magisterial data dump, The Biliteral Cipher of Sir Francis Bacon, converted to elegant modern English, and illustrates one of the recurring, burning themes identified by MBG. There, the “Secret Letter” of Fr.B exhorts the future person attempting to extract the hidden messages (“My Decipherer”) to keep working on it, despite the hard toil, and overcome the many security features he had himself built into it, to make this extremely difficult.

There is a desperate urgency he expresses again and again. He bares his soul, and reveals his motivation for cultivating this cryptographic hedge-maze of his.

“Indeed he, the decipherer, is to me a friend who can
reach out his hand across the abysm of the ages, and give
such aid as none present hath given.”

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