Tm-: key to Mr. Millet’s “ Concealed Statement ” in lhis article on Or. Orville Owen’s Cipher, Baconiana, April 181H5, pp. 02—101 :—

“ In the writer’s opinion it would have been better for Or. Owen, the discoverer of the cipher, to have made public his cipher method at the start, and thus have forestalled criticism. Assuming that Or. Owen could (as he, of course, stoutly maintains) prove the existence of his method to any impartial mind beyond a doubt, he would have run a great risk—that of having some other decipherer, by using the

disclosed method, bring out rival books, lie should, however, have taken it. Most people disbelieve in Or. Owen’s method so thoroughly as to give their words and manners every appearance of personality, but many thoughtful readers will be more fairminded.”

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