Comparison of Baconian Cipher Methods

System Architecture of the Great Cryptographic Hedge Maze, Part II

By FB Decipherer

At the very end of Sir Francis Bacon’s magisterial classic, The Advancement of Learning, appearing like a disconnected afterthought, Fr.B starts writing about Cryptography, and mentions the six cipher methods he had invented to conceal secret messages within openly visible public documents — for instance, possibly, the books and essays previously written by him. Or how about even the main body of the enclosing document, The Advancement of Learning, itself? This possibility (if not probability) has gone almost completely unnoticed by the World for precisely 400 years.

The original scope of the New Gorhambury Project was to investigate only two of the six methods, his Biliteral Cipher, and his Word Cipher, where at least tidbits of information were extant. The first of those is now called the Binary Code, and is the foundation of the current Digital World we all live in.

The second of those has remained mysterious. There is no published, fully-worked example of the Word Cipher in use. Therefore the primary goal of one of the two main branches of this project is to supply that, in exacting detail, via this website.

How significant could the Word Cipher be? Fr.B invented the Binary Code when he was only seventeen years old; yet in his writings the same person repeatedly identifies his Word Cipher as the superior of the two! What if it was true?

No one previously has attempted to characterize the System Architecture of Fr.B‘s multi-tier cipher scheme, using the techniques and visualization tools already in routine use to aid Systems Theory. Below is a kind of interim report of this research effort, still in its infancy.

Comparison of Baconian Ciphers

Biliteral Cipher (Binary Code)Word Cipher
Documented?Fully, in appendix to Advancement of Learning (1623)No, except cryptically.
EncodingRequires advanced skills to encode Biformed Alphabets into Biliteral values. Requires rare literary genius.
DecodingRequires cognitive interpretation by Humans in absence of Computer Aided methods.Will probably always require conceptual interpretation by Humans.
SecurityNot penetrated until Elizabeth Wells Gallup (ca. 1891, 270+ years).Not penetrated until Dr. Orville Owens (ca. 1893, 270+ years).
Media TypeGlyphs (Graphical Image Objects rendering Text)Strictly Text only
GranularityBinary DigitsWords
AI UsefulYesMaybe not
Potential Commercial ApplicationsLimitlessNone Whatever

One obvious question is, How do the two cipher methods relate to each other or interact?

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