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The above is a Word Cloud entitled, Shakespearean Nightmare Words.

Selecting and clicking on any of the words delivers a page of word occurrence data on how often the word is used within the 1623 First Folio, broken down by individual Worke (that is, which of the 36 Plays). The more frequent the occurrence overall, the larger the text. The colors are currently just for decoration and setting the proper mood.

It’s like a Rorschach inkblot test for the mysterious author of the Shakespearean plays. While I am not a Psychiatrist, using this method, I don’t need to be. Here is laid bare the innermost thoughts and feelings of the Author.

Viewing this, the Subconscious Mind of the reader (everyone’s Oppressed Majority) reacts in a moment, before their Conscious mind even gets started with trying to understand what it’s looking at. But the existence of the word-occurrence data here correctly hints that the ultimate purpose of this page has to do with some heady “quantifiables” in due course, and very likely they will be more to the liking of the Conscious mind. But first let’s start with the subconscious view of the First Folio, as visually abstracted above.

The word-use cloud reflects the tormented inner world of the author (Sir Francis Bacon), a sensitive, passionate man whose karma throughout his lifetime had largely been dominated by Women; and also with the coarse, instinctual reproductive urges of Men, obsessing with multigenerational Progeny. He identifies with being a member of the Nobility, and he harbors never-ending bitterness over his birthright being denied him for some reason.

Sigmund Freud’s last years were spent in England, and he became engrossed in the Works like so many others. He wondered why three themes dominated:

  1. Bloody Murder
  2. Sexual Depravity
  3. Ungovernable Lust for Power

The Baconian theory of Shakespeare authorship explains it all: within the palaces of the Royals, it’s only what was routinely happening in real life, but the suppressed secrets needed to remain hidden, lest the lives of the whistle-blowers become “forfeit”.

The Gutenberg Project is the source for the plain-text scripts of the First Folio plays which are the center of attention of the New Gorhambury project as a whole.

Experiment Eleven

Sublime Text existing app which highlights Word Clusters uncannily well, off-the-shelf, without doing any custom program development at all.

The scanty documentation available about Lord Bacon’s Word Cipher (which he said, repeatedly, was superior to the Binary Code, also of his invention) makes it clear that central to understanding How The Word Cipher Works is the concept of Word Clusters.

Our Experiment Eleven is apparently the only public publication of an attempt to reverse-engineer How the Word Cipher Works. If we succeed, we will be the first in 400 years to describe this in detail. Then we could fully evaluate, of what value was is the Word Cipher, anyway? What would be the potential for commercial applications, for example?

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