Experiment Seventeen
  • Introduce the Python-on-Colab library of 50+ routines for studying anomalous Word Clusters in the text of the First Folio.
  • Present to the public the Data Portal for viewing and downloading the results of this Experiment.

This is in support of a primary goal of the New Gorhambury Project, Reverse-engineering the Baconian Word Cipher. Introductory pages are available here on this website.

You don’t need any accounts on Google Colab or Github to experience the following.

The button below brings you to Github (illustrated).

Jupyter Notebook of (Python) Experiment routines

This is the Jupyter Notebook on Github, which hosts the Python-language Experiment 17 routines. When you get there, click on ‘Open in Colab’.

A page like the below will appear. You can view the library of Python routines in its actual program development environment, and explore what that’s like.

If you have a Colab account of your own, you can download the Notebook file and upload it to your account, or directly use, from the File menu, ‘Open in Colab’. You can attempt running it without an account, but it won’t be able to access any of the input documents you’ll need to actually recreate the Experiment.

A page is available here which outlines the steps towards opening a (free) Colab account of your own.

Use the button below to see what the output files are like. There is a set of files for each of the 37 Plays (“Works”) of the First folio.

Word Cipher Data Portal


View the Jupiter Notebook: the experimental commands used here, and the results recorded.

View and download the Python source code from Github.

Independently run the program on Google Colab, or create a clone of the program to run on a Colab account of your own.

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