I, Prince Tudor, Wrote Shakespeare

An Autobiography From His Two Ciphers In Poetry And Prose

By Margaret Barsi-Greene

M.G.B‘s 1973 masterpiece is unique in that it is the only structured overview of the actual subject matter of the secret texts which are concealed in the works of Fr.B. It merges the decoded outputs of both Fr.B’s Biliteral Cipher while also including decoded outputs of Fr.B‘s Word Cipher.

The PDF documents displayed below are the only online editions of M.G.B‘s masterful work currently available. No copies have been available through any rare book dealer, not even used copies. In the US, just a few copies are available through interlibrary loans. Therefore before this page went online, the existence of this unique treasure was hanging by a thread.

Warning: By downloading and reading this book, you will have penetrated into the dark central inner sanctum of Fra Bacon’s cryptographic hedge-maze.

Most Relevant Chapters

These chapters focus on the cryptographic methods in use.

Complete Text (352 pages)

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The Tudor Rose

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