One Hundred Masks of Sir Francis Bacon

Wiki Pages for never-existant creative geniuses who were actually Francis Bacon Masked by a Pen-name

By FB Decipherer

One of the reasons to take an interest in the Bacon Ciphers is that it allows us to identify which notable works from Sir Francis’s era were in fact created by him, but under one of his many pen-names. Sir Francis secretly left his name embedded in the text of his pseudonymous works, to leave no doubt as to who the actual author had been. Elizabeth Wells Gallup counted more than 100 of these! Some are hard to accept, such as John Milton, but with computer-aided decoding of the Biliteral Cipher, it may be possible to identify exactly where the hidden signatures had been concealed all along.

In her book (downloadable here) Margaret Barsi-Greene lists these as the Hundred Masks:

The following takes M.G.B.’s 1973 book pages and enables a Wikipedia Preview for each with a corresponding Wiki page. A total of 95 of the 100 have a Wiki page for them!

Adlington, William

Barnes, Barnabe
Barnfield, Richard
Basse, William
Beaumont, Francis
Blount, Edward
Bright, Timothy
Brooke, Arthur
Burton, Robert

Cambridge students
Camden, William
Campion, Thomas
Chapman, George
Chester, Robert
Chettle, Henry
Condell, Henry
Constable, Henry
Covell, William

Daniel, Samuel
Davies, John of Hereford
Davies, Sir John
Davison, Francis
Davison, Walter
Dekker, Thomas
5th Earl of Derby
(Lord Strange )
Digges, Dudley
Digges, Leonard
Digges, Thomas
Donne, John
Drayton, Michael
Droeshout, Martin

Dugdale, Sir William
Dyer, Sir Edward

Edwardes, Richard
E. K. (England’s King)

Field, Richard
Fletcher, John
Florio, John
Ford, John

Gager, William
Gascoigne, George
Golding, Arthur
Greene, Robert
Greville, Sir Fulke

Hakluyt, Richard
Harrison, William
Harsnett, Samuel
Harvey, Gabriel
Hathway, Richard
Hayward, Sir John
Heminge, John
Henslowe, Philip
Heywood, Jasper
Heywood, Thomas
Hilliard, Nicholas
Holinshed, Raphael
Holland, Hugh
Holland, Philemon
Howard, Henry poet

Jagyard, William
Jonson, Benjamin

Kyd, Thomas

Lodge, Thomas
Lyly, John

Markham, Gervase
Marlowe, Christopher
Marston, John
Massinger, Philip
Meres, Francis
Middleton, Thomas
John Milton
Montaigne, Michel
Munday, Anthony

Nashe, Thomas
Newton, Thomas
North, Sir Thomas
Norton, Thomas

Painter, William
Peele, George
Pembroke, Mary, Countess
Porter, Henry
Putterham, Georg

Raleigh, Sir Walter
Rowley, William

Sackville, Sir Thomas
Scot, Reginald
Shakespeare, William
Shirley, James
Sidney, Sir Philip
Spenser, Edmund
Stow, John
Strachey, William

Thorpe, Thomas
Udall, Nicholas

Warner, William
Watson, Thomas
Webster, John
Weever, John
Whetstone, George
Willoughby, Henry
Wilson, Thomas


Yonge, Bartholomew

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