My Decipherer

1Watching the storms but saying no unmeaning word, I put forth my secret letters [autobiography]. It may be, no eye will note, no hand will aid, if this be true, I die and make no sign. Francis of England:Cipher in Shakespeare Quartos — 1619. 2Watching the storms but saying no unmeaning word, I put forth …

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First Folio Font

Francis St. Alban,Descended from the mighty heroes of Troy,Loving and revering these noble ancestors,hid in his writingsHomer’s Illiads and Odyssey, in cipher,with the Aeneid of the noble Virgil,Prince of Latin poets,Inscribing the letters to:Elizabeth, R

List of Masks

Cambridge students Gager, WilliamCamden, William Gascoigne, GeorgeCampion, Thomas Golding, ArthurChapman, George Greene, RobertChester, Robert Greville, Sir FulkeChettle, HenryCondell, Henry Hakluyt, RichardConstable, Henry Harrison, WilliamCovell, William Harsnett, SamuelHarvey, GabrielDaniel, Samuel Hathway, RichardDavies, John of Hereford Hayward, Sir JohnDavies, Sir John Heminge, JohnDavison, Francis Henslowe, PhilipDavison, Walter Heywood, JasperDay, John Heywood, ThomasDekker, Thomas Hilliard, Nicholas5th Earl of …

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