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Comparison of Baconian Ciphers:System Architecture of the Great Cryptographic Hedge Maze By FB Decipherer No one previously has attempted to characterize the System Architecture of Francis Bacon’s multi-tier cipher scheme, using the techniques and visualization tools already in routine use by Systems Theory. Below is a kind of interim report of this research effort, still …

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I have uploaded a pdf to sirbacon.org of the digital edition I created of Margaret Barsi-Greene’s ultra-classic book, I-Tudor-Wrote-Shakespeare (1973, 332 pages). A page on my website explains why i think it so significant https://gorhambury.org/public/exhibits/i-prince-tudor-wrote-shakespeare/ I created the digital edition so it wouldn’t become completely extinct. The copyright expired in 2001. This would fit under …

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First Folio Font

Francis St. Alban,Descended from the mighty heroes of Troy,Loving and revering these noble ancestors,hid in his writingsHomer’s Illiads and Odyssey, in cipher,with the Aeneid of the noble Virgil,Prince of Latin poets,Inscribing the letters to:Elizabeth, R

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